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Vaginfect Suppository

Pharmaceutical form: 2 g suppository

Ingredients: It Contains of 257 mg Tea Tree Oil per each Suppository.

Therapeutic benefits: For vaginal hygiene and treatment of female infections

Recommendations: For vaginal hygiene insert one suppository daily for six consecutive days.

Suppositories may be used morning and night for up to 12 daysin severe cases.

If suppository softens it can be placed in the refrigerator for a few minutes before opening plastic wrap.

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Pharmacology and mechanism of effect:

Documents shows that Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and yeasts that cause superficial infections. Tea tree oil disintegrates bacteria during both growth and station phases. Tests show TTO is effective in relieving the symptoms of athlete’s wounds and treating nail fungus infection. TTO is recommended in two forms of vaginal suppository or shower to treat women with candidasis or trichomoniasis infection. The mechanism of action of tea tree oil is similar to membrane disinfectants such as chlorhexidine and quaternary ammonium compounds, and by denaturing the protein and membrane structure disorder, microorganisms disappear.

Microscopic observations indicate that the loss of cellular constituents and cell wall disintegrate of E.coli with tea tree oil are as well as killing cells by autolysis. TTO affects on wide range of bacteria in flora of the skin. Gram-negative bacteria are more susceptible to TTO than gram-positive bacteria and are more likely to disappear. Tea tree oil is active against all types of dermatophytes and yeasts and is capable to inhibit Candida albicans on the agar medium completely. Tea Tree Oil is used for conditions of the

Respiratory tract and for skin conditions. It is also used as a

disinfectant. Folk medicine internal uses have included

tonsillitis, pharyngitis, colitis, and sinusitis. Externally, Tea

Tree Oil is used for ulcers of the oral mucous membrane,

gingivitis, root canal treatment, mycosis of the nail, skin

infections, ulcers, burns and insect bites.

– Keep out of reach of children

Storage: In below 30 °C and dry & dark  place

Side effects: Allergic contact dermatitis such as dry skin, itching, burning and redness said to be a common side effect

of Tea Tree oil.

Precautions and adverse reactions:

– Tea Tree oil should definitely not be applied to eczematous

skin as it can cause initation.

– If you have allergies to ingredients of medicine, you should stop taking and consult a doctor or pharmacist.


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