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Relax Herb Capsule

Pharmaceutical form: 500 mg capsule

Ingredients: It contains of aerial part of the Passiflora incarnate Extract that Standardized based on 12/25 mg vitexin per each capsule

Therapeutic benefits: Natural Stress Relief, Relaxant

Recommendations: Take 1 to 2 capsules daily with food and use 30 min before bedtime to treat insomnia.

-If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the medication, stop taking the medication and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

– Keep out of reach of children

Storage: In below 30 °C and dry & dark  place

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Pharmacology and mechanism of effect:

Passion flower has a sedative effect and is used in insomnia, anxiety, nerve-related pains, especially in children, muscle tone disorders, neuropathic tachycardia, and spastic asthma. Research on laboratory animals has shown that the extracts of this drug have a spasmolytic activity comparable to papaverine and also has a weakening effect on the central nervous system. In other studies, the effect of sedative,  improvement of hexobarbitol sleeping time, anti-seizure activity (high doses) has been demonstrated for maltol and ethyl maltol compounds in mice.

Harman alkaloids generally stimulate the central nervous system due to inhibiting monoamine oxidase enzymes. Therefore, the relief effects of maltol and ethyl maltol appear to cover and hide the stimulatory effects of Harman alkaloids.


Side effects: If taken into consideration, the recommended dose will not cause any side effects, unless patients who are allergic to the plant used in the medicine.

Precautions and adverse reactions:

-Reports indicate that Harman and Harmalin alkaloids of the Passiflora extract have an excitatory effect on the uterus of animals and therefore the use of this plant during pregnancy and lactation is forbidden.

-This medication may cause dizziness, drowsiness or reduced consciousness. Therefore, after taking medication, avoid driving, working with machines and other activities that need to be alert.

– Concomitant use of this medication with other central nervous system suppressors including: MAOIs (eg, iso-carboxazide, phenelzine, Tranylcypromine), tricyclic antidepressants (eg, Amitriptyline), SSRIs (eg fluoxetine) may increase the effect of these drugs. Therefore, do not take this medicine at the same time.

-Do not take concomitant use with other sleep drugs such as Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, and Narcotics.

-Do not take concomitant anticoagulants, such as warfarin and heparin.

-Use caution in patients who are taking blood pressure regulating drugs because of changes in blood pressure.


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